Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies for Property
As with shares and bonds, property is an asset that can give you capital growth as well as income. It is possible to invest in property in a number of ways.
  • The most obvious way is buying your own property: Paying extra into an account so that you can pay off your property mortgage sooner will mean that you save substantial amounts of interest in the long term. Your property will increase in value over time and once you've cleared your mortgage you will have a valuable asset.

  • Buy a second residential property as an investment: This property will be rented out, so you will be looking at rental income as well as capital growth. Capital growth will occur when the value of the property increases and income is earned from rents. Ideally, your rental income should cover the mortgage payments, as well as the expenses of the property.

    Once again, once the mortgage has been paid off the net rental income will be much higher because only the property expenses will be deducted from your rental income, with the balance going into your pocket. The advantage of this investmen...

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