Property vs Others

Where do Banks and Big Companies Put their Money in the USA?
The interesting thing is that while banks, insurance companies and other organisations tell investors why they should invest money with them rather than in property, research shows overwhelmingly that they put most of their own money into property investment.

That's right; not in the banks, not in insurance policies, not in managed investments, not in artwork, not in collectibles, not In other investments - mostly in property. This has to tell us something surely. It is illustrated in the diagram below.

Why do banks and insurance companies invest your money mainly in property?

Because -
Property is probably the SAFEST and produces the HIGHEST RETURNS. For the same reason banks lend more on residential property than on commercial property or shares, etc.

Property vs. Other Investments in the USA
Property gives you a good rate of return, as well as the security that is needed in a good investment.

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