Property and Wealth

Why Invest in Property?
When investing in property you are relying on land, as well as bricks and mortar for income and growth. This is different to investing in shares, where you are relying on the success of the company to produce dividends and growth of your share value. If you invest in interest bearing investments, you are looking for income only.

When you consider that the features you want most from an investment is security, affordability, performance, liquidity, reliability, tax advantages and a hedge against inflation, real estate generally comes out on top.

Property can Derive Steady Income
Putting money solely into property puts a lot of people off because of the amount of money required. However it gives investors the satisfaction of owning something that they can touch and control. Some people are not as comfortable with investments unless they are tangible. These include shares and similar investments.

The fact that property can derive a steady and reliable income makes it different from shares, w...

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