About Property

What is Property?
Property is unique. It offers 4 main benefits which sets it apart from every other type of investment. By investment we mean other available options such as shares, fixed interest investments, managed funds, unit trusts etc. By property we mean real estate. Real estate as composed of land as well as buildings or dwellings on that land.

The main benefits of property as an investment are:

  1. Ability to build wealth through gearing.
  2. Taxation benefits.
  3. It is secure. 
  4. It is reasonably affordable.

The ability to create wealth by using other people’s money to purchase property is one of the reasons why this is such an attractive option. Using other people’s money (OPM), which is known as gearing or leverage, significantly increases your return.

Even if you have to pay a cost for that money by way of interest the cost will be funded by income you receive from the property. Together with the taxation deductions allowed against rental income, you should come out on top with a net gain.

Taxation benefits give investment property that ex...

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