Renew, Rekindle and Recharge
The continual stress from your business may be affecting your enthusiasm to the extent that your enjoyment of work and life is becoming affected. Studies indicate that even though you can mask your lack of enthusiasm about your business and also the stress, it is still visible in many ways. People can detect this, based on several things:
  • How you feel.
  • The way you think.
  • By your actions.

You need to rekindle your enthusiasm and prevent burnout.

There are a number of ways you can do this:

  1. Practise self-discipline, rather than self-indulgence. Self-indulgence is thinking about how you feel at a given moment, deciding what action to take, and then worrying about the consequences later on. Self-discipline is thinking first about the consequences and then taking the appropriate action. Self-indulgence always builds guilt within, but self-control gives you a great feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment from doing the right thing.

  2. Avoid negativity: It is very easy to get caught up in negative talk th...

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