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The 10 Addiction Symptoms to Watch Out For
We are reprinting this article from the USA as it is a problem we all need to be aware of.

According to Dr. James Fearing of the National Counselling Centre in Minneapolis, the following are the basic 10 symptoms individuals need to look out for:
  1. No Limitations: A demonstrated "loss of control" when trying to stop or limit the amount of time on the computer. (Breaking promises to self or others. Promising to quit or cut down and not being able to do so.)

  2. Lying: Being dishonest or minimising the extent of the time you stay on the computer, or covering up or being dishonest about what activities you participate in when on the computer.

  3. Harmful Results: Negative consequences experienced by the computer user or his/her friends or family as a direct result of time or activities spent on the computer.

  4. Improper Behaviour: Participation in high risk or normally unacceptable behaviou

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