Make Changes

Look After You First
If you are in business, make sure you look after yourself first. The founder of the business is the one with the vision. Even though there are others around who assist in the business, it is the founder who is closest to the vision of the business and how that vision should be fulfilled.

The founder is the driving force behind the business and the weight of the business rests squarely on his/her shoulders. As the founder you are the one with the motivation, striving to achieve your business goals and you are also the one prepared to take the risks, as well as the benefits that come from being in business.

You should know clearly what you want and you need to be flexible enough to change direction as and when required so your business does not lose any advantage. You need to learn to be a good manager and while you may listen to advice from others on any issue, the final decision rests with you. You are the boss. Don’t be afraid to let those who work for you understand this.

Remember that the boss is not necessarily right, but he/she is still the boss. Make sure therefore, that you...

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