Plan your Money

What’s involved in a Financial Plan for You?
Well let’s look at a brief summary of what each plan really involves:

Firstly lets look at the 3 main plans that make up a financial plan:

  1. Cash Plan
  2. Investment Plan
  3. Insurance Plan

1. Cash Budget Plan
This is made up of 2 parts:

  1. A plan to ensure that you meet payments for living expenses and bills.

    These are generally made up of:
    • Regular expenses e.g. food, power, phone, water, fuel.
    • Fixed expenses e.g. rent, mortgage, debts, car registration, rates, insurances.
    • Irregular expenses e.g. hairdresser, dry cleaning, entertainment, holidays, emergencies.

    Have you ever found that you’ve been short on cash to pay bills, or fallen behind in paying bills on time? Has your credit rating been threatened or marred? Everyone knows they need to budget, but have you actually organised a written easy-to-follow plan of your budget? Now is the time.

  2. A debt reduction plan to reduce debt (especially your mortgage) and become debt-free ...

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