Friends and Business

Can I Ask my Family for a Loan to Pay Off my Debts?
Debt has always had a degree of shame attached to it and admitting to having problems with debt is like saying you don’t know how to handle your own affairs. Some people may get into a situation where unless they get immediate financial help there is a possibility of losing their family home, or their business.
" Asking for financial help from family members is never an easy decision but sometimes it's the only option left..."

One option is to ask your family for help. Asking for financial help is always a tough decision, but sometimes it is the best option. In most cases a loan from the family would be interest free, but it is a good idea to add on interest or include something extra when the loan is repaid. Remember, that any money loaned to you from a family member would have earned interest for that person, so it is a good idea to recompense in...

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