Your Goals and Dreams

What are Your Goals?
Be clear on the reasons why you want to start a business. Are you looking for prosperity, or fame, or retirement planning, or personal freedom? Do you simply want to satisfy your ego? In the past you may have been unhappy working for a boss and you may feel it is time to branch out on your own. Be clear about your reasons. If you write out your goals it will be easier for you to have tangible expectations regarding the business you are going into.

There are basically 3 goals for those involved in a business:

  1. Personal goals: Many people want to achieve their vision or their dreams. Going into business is a chance to achieve this. While the main objective of going into business is to make money, there are other personal factors motivating a person to start up in business. Therefore, personal goals are important.

  2. Economic goals: Most entrepreneurs look on economic goals as the priority. The opportunity to  increase one’s income, to achieve financial wealth, is a powerful motivation to be in business. Economic goals therefore ...

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