Living Debt Free

Stay Out of Debt Forever
Once you have resolved your debt problems, stay out of debt and plan your future. Being debt free means you can look forward to prosperity. Set yourself with fresh resolve to be free of debt forever.

Keep this debt free concept within you, no matter how prosperous you get. It’s very important that you don’t slip back into the bad debt habit. It’s probably a good time to ignore the TV advice about your credit card “don’t leave home without it”.

Leave your credit card and your check book at home. Take your EFTPOS card with you in case you need any cash from the ATM machine.

Look at what you need to get by on weekly and only draw that amount.  Stick with it. Like anything else, you have to change your debt habit and this is as hard to change as any other habit.

The steps are:

  1. Carry out an action.
  2. Continue the action until it becomes a habit.
  3. Continue the habit until it becomes a practice.
  4. That practice will become freedom.

Make your Changes Now

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