Credit Card Debt

About Credit Card Debt
Although the amount varies considerably from time to time, it is thought that the average credit card debt across the board would be somewhere in the vicinity of $7-8,000. This means that if you have three cards, without control, you could conceivably be in debt, in excess of $21,000.

Credit card debt and all it entails, needs to be taught in every school in the land.

Young people, before they leave to join the workforce, need to be educated on the use of credit cards and the problems that arise from allowing it to build up without any restraint. Most people don’t realise how high the credit card rate can be (that is, the interest rate) and how it can hurt them.

" The average credit card debt is in the vicinity of $7000 - 8000 ..."

Perhaps our education system needs major changes so that high school students get c...

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