Losing Money

Easy to Lose
Losing money is easy. There are many opportunities out there and unless you do your homework it is very easy to lose your nest egg. Day after day we are bombarded with investment opportunities in many US newspapers or from the radio or television. Some of these investments are fine and others are scams. Others do not meet the results that they promise. This means you have to carefully investigate any proposition put before you before you commit any of your time and money.

Watch if the company or institution involved is impatient to receive your cash before they are prepared to take you through the details of what the deal is all about. You need to carry out what is known as "due diligence".

“ Due diligence” in business means carrying out a full investigation.

This means you have to check every area and ask questions. Be prepared to check it out with your advisers or a trusted business associate. Don’t go into anything until it has been properly investigated. It is very easy to lose money in various ways and this will come about if you are not serious.  It wi...

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