Protecting Wealth

Why Protect your Assets?
Once you have accumulated wealth the next thing to do is to make sure it is well protected. There's little point in spending hours and hours growing your net worth if that wealth was left exposed to unforseen action or circumstances that could threaten it. You would never know what decision a judge could bring in a legal action that could wipe out your finances. Once a lawyer discovers that you have substantial net worth, rest assured you would be a target from a creditor's lawyer or from an aggrieved employee's claim or recovery proceedings fron the IRS Commissioner or matrimonial action from a former spouse etc.

If you don’t own anything, obviously there would be no benefit for the other party to pursue a claim on your assets. You have to protect your assets today because no one knows what is around the corner. We often hear about men and women of wealth who have been bankrupted overnight because of some unexpected action or claim they never expected.

Protecting your...

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