Plan for Wealth

Set Your Goals
You will not be able to achieve wealth unless you sit down and do a bit of planning. Translate your desires into sound financial goals. It is very hard to achieve anything or go anywhere unless you know what you are supposed to be achieving, or where you are supposed to be going. Sit down and write a list of the things you want to achieve by a particular age or particular time.

Get excited and transfer this into a set of goals. Write them down so that they are clearly established on paper. Keep going back to those goals from time to time. You may set down ten goals in the order of priority you first see as important to you. Along the way you may find that your priorities are shuffled around because as you start to take action some priorities will not be as important as others.

Be Serious and Commit
The main thing is, you need to be serious about your goals and be prepared to commit yourself to achieving these goals as close to your plan as possible. Always put your goals in writing because this makes them real objectives...

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