Money Records

Keep good Records
It is essential that you track your important papers. This means you have to ensure you have a good record keeping system in place.

" Keeping records can be a little cumbersome at times - but it's absolutely necessary ..."

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Can you locate the tax returns you filed last year?
  • Do you have your tax number handy at all times?
  • Is your passport easily locatable and is it in a safe place.
  • Do you have a record of all the cheque books you used over the last few years?
  • Do you have addresses, phone numbers and other details of your family members with you at all times?
  • Do you know where to find your insurance policies?
  • Do you know where the warranties for the various home appliances are?
  • In the case of emergency or death, can you locate non-family members and fa...

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