Future of Money

The New Technology
The rapid development of computers and communication is bringing out a huge revolution in the way we conduct our lives and business affairs. Technology has pushed us to address changes in all we do. Many people who resist these changes will be left behind because the digital revolution and the huge technological advances coming our way will affect every area of our lives.

Within the next few years the way we spend our money will be totally different to how we spend it today. Cash may no longer exist as we move into a cashless society. The use of cheques may be reduced and the use of credit cards may increase dramatically. The new payment systems involving electronic and Internet usage will slowly take over from the currencies used today and it probably won’t be too long before we will have no choice, but to go “with the flow” with the new technology.

Internet and the World Wide Web
Computers and especially the development of the Internet and the World Wide Web will probably, as we look back in ten to twenty years tim...

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