What is Wealth?

Defining Wealth
" Wealth can be obtained in 2 ways only - earn more and/or spend less ..."

Defining wealth is not easy. Most people look on wealth as a position where one has a lot of money. Some people feel they are wealthy because they live in an expensive home or they can travel around the world without having money problems. Some people, who live modestly and lead relatively quiet and ordered lives, feel they are wealthy if they can pay all their bills on time and have no debt.

In essence wealth means, for the average person, that they are out of debt, they can afford to pay their mortgage, they can send their children to good schools, they have a comfortable home with little or no mortgage, they can start a small business if they want to, they have a reliable, modern car, they can buy (within reason) things they need, and they can save some money for em...

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