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What is Intellectual Property (or IP)?
Intellectual Property, (also abbreviated as IP), is property that is created with intellect. You may have developed a design or written a manual or created a program. While it is not a property you can buy and sell, it is nevertheless an asset to the business.

Although you cannot always physically touch it – nevertheless it has great value and contributes to generating profit.

The intellectual property can be an invention, or a system, a design, or simply a good idea that has been noted down. Most people think of intellectual property as patents, trademarks and copyrights but the value to the business of this IP is when it is used in the operational strategies of the business for marketing and business development.

Identify and Protect Your IP
Every business should carefully identify and record the IP assets that their business develops. Employees, who are in paid employment, develop a lot of the IP in a business. The IP is not necessa...

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