Other Investments

1. Collectibles
For most countries "Collectibles" fall into the category of tangible investments and include:

a) Antiques
The investor must make the decision and distinction between investing in antiques and buying antiques. If you purchase an antique for investment purposes, don't become attached to it or it will be difficult to sell at a greater value in the future.

Those who invest in antiques go to auctions or search for old properties where antique furniture etc may be found. True antique investors look to buy something at the cheapest possible price and then to sell it at a profit, quickly. Such investors usually own antique stores themselves or have some other ready means of disposing of the antiques.

b) Stamps
Investing in stamps involves purchasing rare stamps. If you invest in stamps you must spend time studying stamps and the stamp market. If you are considering investing in stamps for a profit then you should count the costs. In addition to studying stamps and the stamp market, you should be able to recognise forgeri...

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