Property Investments

Why Property is Popular
There are many types of property available for investment in the USA, but not all property investments are necessarily good investments. Although rental income provides a stable return, this class has a moderate to high risk overall, as property values can rise and fall. It can also take some time to sell property, so property investment is usually better suited to long-term investors.

Property is always popular. But the problem is that most of us invest in it anyway, because we own the homes we live in. Currently, about 70 percent of Americans' savings are tied up in residential property (with the balance split between managed share funds and term deposits).

If you buy a rental as well, you're putting an awful lot of your investment eggs into one asset class.

Two types of return are possible on property: on-going rental from tenants, and capital gain (if the property appreciates in value over time and it is sold).

You can also invest indirectly through buying shares or units in property investment companies and unit...

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