The Sharebroker

What does a Sharebroker Do?
In order to buy shares or stock you need a sharebroker to help with the transaction. The sharebroker (also known as a stockbroker) is the link between you and the Stock Exchange.

The role of the sharebroker is:

  1. A sharebroker is a salesperson.
  2. A sharebroker works for a stock brokerage house.
  3. The sharebroker’s job is to carry out your transactions.

What to Expect from a Broker
A broker has to offer services that will enable you to receive information to help you make investment decisions. Every broker is bound by the rules and regulations of the Stock Exchange, as well as other regulations and legislation.

Brokers have to supply a legally binding contract when they carry out any share transactions for you. You can expect a helpful information service from them. Remember that brokers are there to help you, so you should make sure that they are looking after your best interests. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if ...

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