The Investment Clock

What is the Investment Clock?
The investment clock is one of the best indicators on the movement and condition of the finance, property and equties markets. It was first published in London’s Evening Standard in 1937 and showed the movement of markets within a decade cycle. Many people, however did not readily accept the probability of events turning out in a cyclical fashion so it took a while for some to warm to this new area of thought.

History clearly indicated that this probability was very high so it was suggested that the sooner people understood and embraced the time clock indicators the better.

The usual length of the cycle trough is 7 – 9 years, although it can move up to 8 – 11 years. The investment clock seemed to always indicate that real estate property was the last asset to respond and move. When the cycle enters a credit squeeze mode, property becomes the most difficult of all assets to sell  and therefore the most dangerous to own or deal in. High quality real estate with little or no debt was seen as be...

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