Investment Strategies

9 Basic Investment Strategies
Here are some basic investment strategies that every investor should be aware of. New investors particularly should take note of them and request a full explanation from their investment adviser if they don’t understand them.

Here are 9 basic strategies to apply in the USA:

1. Start your investment programme as soon as you can.
The sooner you put aside funds for investment the better. Although this sounds simple, many people consider investment, but take a long time to start.

It is a good idea to save a fixed amount every week and set it aside for investment so the process of investment is automatic and the funds used for investment are not lost in other less important areas. The best way is to arrange for a direct credit into your investment bank account from your salary, or from your main bank account.

If your investment is a savings account earning interest, then the earlier you start the better. At the beginning, the amount is not as important as the fact that you have commenced saving and you have committed yourself t...

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