About the ACC

What is the Accident Compensation Scheme?
The Accident Compensation Scheme (ACC) in the USA was set up to provide accident insurance for all the USA citizens, as well as residents and other temporary visitors to this country. The scheme covers insurance for all accidents, therefore people lose the right to sue for personal injury other than exemplary damages.

Brief details of the scheme are:

  • Provides cover for all injuries no matter who is at fault.
  • Takes away the right for people to sue for personal injury.
  • Reduces the costly process of using the court system for injury claims.
  • Assists injured people who cannot work by paying weekly compensation.
  • Is designed to address the causes of accidents wherever they occur.
  • Focuses on care and rehabilitation so people can get back to work and become independent as soon as possible.

The principal Act under which the ACC operates is called the Injury, Prevention, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act. The government department administering the ACC scheme is the Accident Compensation Corporation.

The Background to the ACC
In 1999, the Accident Insurance Act was passed. This allowed employers and the self employed to take out private insurance for injuries caused in the workplace instead of paying premiums for injuries. As part of the Labour Government's election promises, they promised to get rid of this Act and restore the administration of the scheme to a single model, funded by the public. A bill was therefore introduced to Parliament in late 1999 to make changes to the ACC.

ACC do?">What does the ACC do?
The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) is the administrator of the the USA Accident Compensation scheme. This scheme is admired around the world where most countries still have the right to sue each other for personal injury.

The ACC is a Crown entity and its responsibilities include the following:

  • Focuses on training and education in the workplace and outside the workplace, to prevent injury.
  • Looks after the collection of insurance premiums for the ACC scheme.
  • Is responsible for paying compensation where accidents occur.
  • Provides full services to treat those who are injured.
  • Assesses all claims made for injury and approves entitlements to those who are eligible within the regulations.
  • Is responsible to the government for the full administration of the scheme.