The Privacy Act

The Privacy Act
The main purpose of this act is the promotion and protection of individual privacy. The Privacy Act has potential to impact on many areas of your business and its operations. If you hold information on your employees, clients, suppliers and contractors then you need to be aware of your obligations. Some of the areas that may impact are:
  • Security cameras in a warehouse situation
  • Video surveillance
  • Use of customer information collected for marketing purposes
  • Personal information collected during recruitment
  • Obtaining verbal references
  • Medical information supplied by employees
  • Performance reviews
  • Information stored as a result of disciplinary meetings
  • Payroll information
  • Internet and e-mail use.

The act deals with the collection, holding, use and disclosure of personal information. It relates to all “agencies”. Essentially that is everyone with the exception in certain circumstances of members of Parliament, courts, tribunals and news media. It does not matter how small your company is, you still have to comply with the legislation.


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