If you don’t ask the right questions, how can you get the right answers? If you don’t get the right answers you will employ the wrong person. That costs time and money.

Job interviews will help you decide whether a candidate has the skills and experience to do the job. The better prepared you are the more successful you will be. This section provides tips to help you design an effective interview.

Interviews should:

  • Demonstrate the applicant’s ability to communicate.
  • Help you find out more about the person and their knowledge or experience levels.
  • Help you decide between equally qualified candidates.
  • Discover whether the person would fit in with a team or work well with others in your company.
  • Let the candidate ask you questions that may reveal more information to help you make a decision.
  • Be modified to suit the purpose.

Interviews can also be:

  • Subjective.
  • Open to the ”halo effect”. When the decision is made within the first few minutes of the interview with the...

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