Stress Management

Stress Management
Managing stress in the workplace is no different to managing any other workplace hazard. It is the responsibility of both the employee and the employer to ensure they have taken “all practicable steps.” Both parties should work together to find solutions to managing and eliminating work place stress.

In investigating whether to take legal action against a company, regulators will look for evidence of:

  • Harm - confirmation by a medical practitioner that some harm is or has been suffered.

  • Recognisable Stressors - as an employer you knew, ought to have known or had been told about employee’s issues.

  • Serious hazards - without which the harm would not have occurred

  • Coercion - the employee has no choice but to work in these conditions

  • Lack of action - as an employer you failed to rectify or investigate the potential hazards once were aware of them.

Stress – Regulator's  Definition

  • Stress – “An interact...

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