Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment
Sexual and racial harassment is illegal. It contravenes both the Human Rights Laws and the Employment Laws. It could cost you dearly. Damages awarded have been as high as $76,000.00. The average award is around $7,000.00. Most people, who are sexually or racially harassed at work, leave.

So you could end up writing a cheque and losing an experienced member of staff which will cost you more in terms of recruitment and re-training. Let's not forget the effect on the rest of your staff, low morale, lost productivity, increased absenteeism and then there are your legal fees. I

If the harassment occurs at work then both the employee who harasses another member of staff and you (the company) could be liable even if you knew nothing about it. Avoiding these risks is relatively easy. Put in place a sexual harassment policy and procedure. You will then be able to demonstrate that you have taken “such steps as are reasonably practicable” to prevent sexual harassment taking place.

Sexual harassment can occur:

  1. When a request is made of any employee of a company for a...

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