Performance Management

Performance Management
Regular performance reviews will help you stimulate, develop and encourage your staff to be more pro-active within a successful team environment.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) should be part of the job description. You then have the ability to identify areas of accountability should performance issues arise. The employment agreement should state clearly the levels of performance the employee is expected to reach, the skills necessary and the expected outcomes. It should ideally be two-way process. The performance bit outlining the outcomes expected, the management bit building the relationship between you and your employee.

Performance management and appraisal is the means by which you monitor and develop someone’s performance for the benefit of the person and the company as a whole. Performance management should be seen as positive. A way to encourage, coach and develop staff that is able to achieve. Informal quarterly reviews provide two way feedback for both the employee and employer and are a valuable forum for discussions of future expectations.

Performance management procedu...

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