Induction Procedures

Induction Procedures
Induction manuals or handbooks are basic human resources tools used for communicating information to employees. There is no law that requires you to provide an induction programme for your new employee. There are a number of good reasons why you should. A well thought out induction manual and programme will answer most of the questions that any new employee would want to ask.

Publishing the company rules and policies leaves nothing to doubt and will reassure an employee that everyone is treated fairly and consistently. Certain information must be provided to employees by law. An induction manual can easily fulfill some of these needs.

The manual should summarise the relationship between you and your employee and briefly describe what management expects. They should be given to and read by all employees. The manual should contain general information about:

  • The company and its mission;
  • The rules and procedures an employee needs to know to be successful in their position,
  • The salary, pay issues and benefits.

The manual should also provide a framework f...

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