Disciplining and Dismissals

Disciplining and Dismissals
Any employee who is not contributing to your company and its goals through poor performance or unacceptable behaviour should be asked to leave. Or at least that’s what you might like to do. However you must by law make sure you have gone through a discipline process that is procedurally fair.

This will also protect you should an unfair dismissal claim be filed against you and you have to get involved in mediation or court. You must guard against being accused of firing the person without due process. There are some more important and positive reasons for following the disciplinary procedure as set down in the Employment Laws

  • You may be able to turn the employee around and gain a well functioning employee.
  • You may find out what is wrong with your work rules and polices which can be changed to make the work environment for your employees more effective.
  • By evaluating the employee and providing him or her with training and assistance you may find out what is wrong with your selection process.
  • By allowing an employee a chance to change their performance ...

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