Rights at Work and Holidays Entitlement

Your rights at work - holidays
On 1 April 2004, new laws governing holidays and other leave came into effect. The new rules are designed to be easier for everyone to understand and follow. So if you work, you're affected by these changes. The changes to the Holidays Act are summarized below, but because there are so many different kinds of work arrangements and situations, you can call free on 0800 800 863 if you’re still unsure about how the Holidays Act changes affect you.

What are the Holidays Act changes?
The new legislation (a new law that everyone must follow) – the Holidays Act 2003 – sets out the minimum holiday and leave entitlements for all Kiwi workers. It covers:

  • paid annual holidays
  • paid public holidays
  • paid sick leave
  • paid bereavement leave

REMEMBER: Although you and your employer can agree to more generous leave arrangements you cannot agree to arrangements that are less generous than the Holidays Act on any part of holidays or leave.

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