Why You Can’t Be Without a Website

Should your business go online or not?

Less than 30% of global businesses currently have a website yet approximately 75% are online with over 60% using the internet every day.
For those businesses that do not have an online presence – essentially you are missing out on exposing your products or services to a large proportion of the kiwi population.
Electronic commerce use (consumers buying products or services online) is increasing and will be a major source of business revenue in the future.
Even if you don’t have products or services that can be sold online (and this category is decreasing since pretty much anything is sold online nowadays)
having a website will showcase and promote your business to potential customers.

Information searching

A large number of people now search for information online before going into an actual store so having a professional website about what you offer is
a good way to get ahead of your competitors (especially if they don’t have a website) and also make a good first impression on potential buyers.
In fact, it is frust...

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