Your Accountant and Lawyer – Your Most Called on Advisers

Make sure you select an accountant suited to the type of business you operate and the level of service you require. If you are a small business you may want to deal with a smaller firm of accountants, or even a sole practitioner who can give you personal service. If your accountant specialises in working with small business clients, then he/she is likely to be more aware of the needs of the small business and will be of greater benefit to you.

Whatever your choice, make sure the accountant is a "go-ahead" type of person with vision, rather than just a "glorified bookkeeper", more concerned with what has happened in the past instead of planning for the future.
Your accountant should work closely with you on a regular basis and be aware of the developments of the business from day to day. Always seek advice on major decisions so you have a sounding board before committing yourself to a situation, which may affect the business in a negative way.

Even though the annual fee is a consideration, look at everything on a wider scale and be prepared to pay a fair fee, if your accountant is providing you with the special services you need.


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