The Best Strategy for Winning the Deal – Bite Your Tongue

Have you ever been in a situation where you had so much to say that you couldn’t wait to get it out of your mouth and in effect, take your opponent down? Someone recently observed a discussion where there was a deal being negotiated with a prospective customer. 

The customer started describing his situation and after a few moments he paused.  It seemed to be the opportune time for the salesperson to jump in and make a comment and talk about her product and service.  However, she remained silent, sensing that the customer had a lot more to say.  Her intuition proved correct, because a few seconds later the customer continued talking about his needs.

It was only after he finished making his point that he once again paused. 

The salesperson refrained from speaking once again and her customer also began talking once again. Near the end, the salesperson learned the exact information she needed to close the sale without resorting to discounting the price of what she had to offer.

If she had spoken during those moments of silence, she may still have closed the sale, but not as effectively and probably only after giving a discoun...

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