Mr. Big Mac - Ray Kroc

Mr. Ray Kroc was the man who made McDonalds what it is today – a mega-giant in the fast food industry with thousands of outlets worldwide. Ray Kroc was born on October 5, 1902 in Illinois.

When he was 15 years old, he told a little white lie so that he can become qualified as an Ambulance driver in the war. The war, however, ended on the last day of his training, so he had to find some other employment.

He worked in various jobs and by 1922 he was selling paper cups. It was during these 'menial' jobs he learned the vital skill of selling. He ended up selling milk shake mixers for Prince Multimixers and this occupied the rest of his 17 years of life before McDonalds.

It was on one of his outings selling milkshake mixers in San Bernardino that he came across a small takeaway shop selling hamburgers - the forerunner to the now famous McDonald's Hamburgers.

Through his experience criss-crossing the country to sell his mixers, he saw that the small burger shop had an unusual operation - especially since they wanted 8 of his mixers (the model that could mix 5 milkshakes at a time).

Their mass-production of food (they could deliver a mea...

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