Is Your Business in a Rut? – Get Back on Track

Do you sometimes find yourself simply going through the motions, day to day?  Has the excitement of business gone out the window because of your daily mundane routine?

If this is the case, you may be in need of a fresh injection of enthusiasm.  It’s a good idea to think back to the days when you first considered starting your business.  You were excited and you were enthusiastic.  The vision of what you were going to do carried you.  You had no problem getting up in the morning to get to the office and the day went very fast because you not only enjoyed what you were doing, but you were also motivated by achieving your goals.

So what went wrong?  Where did the excitement and enthusiasm go?  More importantly, how do you get back on track?

Firstly, the loss of zing may simply be a signal for you that changes are needed and you should consider moving on.  You may find it is time to sell the business or to hand the reins over to a manager so you can be more involved in the areas that interest you.

The trouble is this is not always easy.  If you own your own business it may not be possible to simply move on, ...

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