Advertising is Timed to the Second – so Move it

Have you ever watched a video recording and found that 30 years can go by in a flash?  The TV commercials of the past were in the most part 30 or 60 second presentations.  They were relaxed, informative and brief. 

If you look at the TV programs of today, you will be struck by the changes that have occurred in these same commercials.  They are now very short, in your face, very pressured.  Today’s commercials are likely to be 10 second affairs, with some 5 second quickies thrown in for good measure.

The whole objective today is to get your attention in as short a period of time as possible.  What’s happened is that everything is now compressed into 5 second time frames.  Whether they be commercials, political broadcasts, news items, etc. there are examples everywhere of things being brought down to a mere 5 seconds. 

They say the country is now run by sound bytes. 

Business is conducted in sound bytes and our personal lives are increasingly a progression of sound bytes.  We have become so highly organised and so tightly scheduled that there is little time for anything else other than sound b...

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