The 5 Big Secrets of Top Performers

They say that success in sales or any other profession is due to luck, chance and hard work.  There is nothing further from the truth. 

Many people work incredibly hard and put in long hours, but they are not successful. Hard work certainly contributes to success, but hard work alone will not make you a "top dog" in your trade or profession. 

So, what is the secret of success?  Is it due to luck or chance?

Many experts consider that success is an absolute science.  That is, there are exact principles of thought and action that all the top performers consistently exhibit.

Here are the 5 main secrets that top performers always have:

  1. Top performers believe in themselves and their abilities.
    Winners always believe in advance that they will win and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  One of the mistakes of would-be achievers is the notion that “if I become more skilled in my profession I will succeed”.  How many skilled people do you know who are not winning every single day?  Two people may go through the same training course and acquire the same...

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