The Value of the Right Business Name

There is considerable value in having the right name for your business.

Ask 500 people already in business how they decided upon their business name and you will get 500 different answers.

Everyone has a story behind how they chose their business name. Even if the business is named after their own birth name, there’s a reason why this was done. When you open a business, in a sense, you are causing a new birth to begin. 

This new birth was created from an idea by you and your associates. It will have its own bank account, its own Tax Number number, its own credit accounts, its own income and its own bills. On paper, it is another individual!

Just as if you would choose the "right" name for your own unborn child, you'll also need to spend time deciding your business name. There are a few reasons why a good business name is vitally important to your business.

Firstly - The first obvious reason is because it is the initial identification to your customers. No one would want to do business with someone who didn’t have a business name. The lack of one makes you look like an unrelia...

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