Protect yourself from Credit Card Fraud

The following are some steps to take, to protect from this problem:

  1. Work with a bank that can provide a checking type system.
    The system will confirm whether the billing address given by the buyer online matches the address held by the card issuer on their files. Many credit card companies can provide this service and it is almost a must for any business accepting credit card payments online.

  2. Verify with the credit card issuer.
    Make a call to the credit card company for confirmation and verification. This is not always possible because the company may be international, but if it were a local company then a staff member would earn their salary many times over by preventing loss through this type of fraud.

  3. Check the address manually.
    If you don't subscribe to the system available through the banks where they verify the billing address and match with the details they have on their system, then its not too difficult for a member of your staff to make a call to verify the address. This can be done by going to any of the mapping services available online (...

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