The Wisdom of Successful People

What's the big question you'd ask a multi-millionaire if you could? Odds are it would be - "How did you do it? A USA Magazine published a book some time ago that revealed some of the secrets of successful young entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the advice and secrets:

  • Daymond John, co-owner of FUBU The Collection:
    "Never give up. [If] you get knocked down, just get back up and approach the situation in a different way."

  • John Chuang, owner of MacTemps, Inc.:
    "Commit to your business -- don't just do it on the side. If you have a vision and really believe in it, you should commit to it wholeheartedly."

  • Andre Taylor, owner of Interactive Sports, Inc.:
    "The less money you have the more creative you have to be. Focus less on going out and getting a lot of money and more on understanding your business and working at it aggressively."

  • Stacey Kanzler, owner of Sandbagger Corporation:
    "Perseverance pays off."

  • Katrina Garnett, owner of CrossWorlds Software, Inc.:
    "You can't change your goa...

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