10 Silliest Bits of Advice when running a Business

 As soon as you talk to friends and associates about going into business there will be no shortage of tips, advice and guidance offered to you. It’s important to talk to those who are experienced in business, especially those who have been successful.

Think twice about taking advice from anyone in business who does not have a successful track record. This includes accountants and other advisers whose advice often contradicts that given by highly successful business owners.

The following are 10 bits of advice which are nothing less than plain silly and stupid.

If you are contemplating buying or running a business make sure you ignore these so called “pearls of wisdom” when they're “thrown” at you.

  1. “You will make a fortune – go for it.” "If you have a strong enough dream - you will make it."
    People who tell you that you will make a fortune and pressure you to get into business without taking the time to talk and assess what your business is all about are simply fools. If they are not successful business owners themselves, then they ...

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