Protection Online – 8 Critical Areas

Online shopping has given internet users access to products that they cannot normally buy from their town or country. More and more traditional businesses are using the internet as another way to sell products and services. International businesses can ship straight to your door.

With this increase in online shopping opportunities come the associated risks including fraud, invasion of privacy, identity theft and loss either from products not being delivered or not being what you ordered.

To protect yourself from online fraud and loss, make sure you mentally check the following 8 areas prior to using any website.

  1. Website identification
    Does the website display any contact details or ‘about us’ information? Is there a physical street address and phone number displayed? Remember, you may have to contact them if your order goes wrong so make sure you have some form of contact details and not just an email address. Anyone can set up a website and have an email so you need to ensure that who you are dealing with is a reputable business. This is especially important if you are dealing with an overseas shopping website.

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