Catch the Internet Copy Merchants

As the web has grown, so has the opportunity for copying of material – unfortunately sometimes from your website. Infringement of copyright arises when other people without the permission of the owner of the copyright, use the exclusive rights given to the owner.

One of the most frustrating aspects of having an online presence is having some unscrupulous web user copy images or text from your website. Having copies can affect your Google rankings as Google doesn’t know which site is the ‘correct’ site to index. What could be even more frustrating is you not even knowing that parts (or the whole) of your website have been copied in the first place.

One way to check if there are large portions of your site displayed elsewhere is to use Copyscape is a website plagiarism site where you can enter your sites URL and it will search for copies on the internet.

For example, submitting into the search field will bring up, the sister site of which has some of our articles. Copyscape also has a service whereby they wi...

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