You’re Fired

You’re Fired! How often have you wanted to say that, and how satisfying would it be? Mr Trump may have made a mint sacking people in an international arena but you are unlikely to get away with it in your own office.

So are your hands tied? Well yes and no. There is nothing to stop up you firing the person who is habitually late, thumps a customer, views porn or sells your product at 10% less than it cost you to make it. It is your business and you are allowed to sack people for non performance or unacceptable behaviour. Just make sure you get it right. The whole premise of the employment act is one of “good faith”. You’d be forgiven for thinking this means bend over backwards; actually it just means be fair.

So how do you do it? Like everything else the foundation is the key. There is no point repairing the hole in the bucket, after the water’s leaked out. When you employ someone, make sure they have an up to date employment agreement, a job description that truly represents what you expect of them and clear house rules or company policies.

Make sure the employee has read and understood them, and get them to sign to say they have. Have a planned induct...

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