Regulations for Employ of Youth

Being a young Employee
Started your first job? Then good luck, and keep safe. It's a good time to learn, or to remember from school, that there are laws to help you stay safe and look after yourself on the job.

Employment Rights
Everyone has the same basic rights at work, regardless of their age. These include:

  • Your employer has to give you a written employment agreement
  • You are allowed 3 weeks paid annual holidays after 12 months employment*
  • You are allowed 11 paid public holidays if they are days when you would normally work*
  • You are allowed 5 days paid sick leave a year after six months in the job. If you do not use your leave, it is carried over to the next year - up to a maximum of 20 days*
  • You are allowed 3 days bereavement leave on the death of an immediate family member, or one day of leave where your employer recognises that you have suffered a bereavement (entitled after six months in the job)*
  • You can choose for yourself whether to join or not to join a union
  • You can get help to sort out problems at ...

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