Negotiation - Win Win

3 Simple Negotiation Rules
Keep in mind these 3 simple rules:
  1. Don't ever assume that you know what the other party wants. The outcome you are negotiating for may be totally different from what they have in mind. Make sure you keep an eye on their wants and needs.
    " Don't assume that money is the only issue..."

  2. Keep your issues broad and don't narrow them down. Try to broaden the scope of your negotiations. For example, if immediate delivery is a key factor to the other party and you cannot meet it, maybe a partial shipment will resolve the problem until you are able to produce the rest. By not narrowing your negotiations down to one issue, leaves both parties in a position of not having a winner or a loser.

  3. Remember that other people may have a different perspective on negotiations. Some may want to do a deal quickly and then it's over. Others may want to build a longer...

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