Unbalanced Life - Put it right

A problem many people experience, especially if they have a business, is that their life is unbalanced. This means they are either spending too much time at work, or too little time at work. It also means they are spending too much time on their own and little time for the family.

The whole of creation runs on a balance.

  • If our winters are too cold, we freeze.
  • If our summers are too hot, we fry.
  • If the cows don’t get up at 4.00am we don’t have milk.
  • If the trees don’t sprout their green leaves, we don’t have oxygen and we don’t breathe.
  • If the sun didn't rise in the east we would be walking around in darkness all day long
  • If the sunset missed its schedule in the West we'd have eternal daylight and no one would sleep

Nature has been beautifully balanced for us so we&#...

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